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About Semple

I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga. My anime background can be found here, along with everything that I am currently watching. This list is also live updated as I watch everything . If that list is any indication, I will pretty much watch or read anything anything that is not Yaoi. My manga habits are a little geared more at Shoujo / romance and any kind of romcom but I also read a fair deal of everything else. I also currently have a music library that is nearing 2500 anime/jpop/kpop/game songs. About half way through every season I get all the new stuff and add it.

As for blogging, I will get as much as I need to into a post without spoiling the entire thing. That said, expect a few basic plot spoilers in each review but keeping the ending (or current events) up to the reader to read/watch. If you feel something spoils the story too much, just let me know. I will be happy fix it. Otherwise, most of my posts will mostly be random things I find amusing at the time.

On the gaming side, I play wide variety of games as well. There are many different FPS, TPS, MMORPGs, and more that I play. Games such as APB Reloaded, American Truck Sim, Archeage, ARK, Cities: Skylines, Space Engineers, and more. I am also a long time user of Second Life. You can see my steam profile here.

I also have an enormous anime figure collection that I will occasionally make posts on here for. Make sure to check them out!

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Last Updated: October 4, 2016