Voice Actors in Japan

Just a friendly reminder, a lot of work goes into anime. Its a very rough industry to work into and it doesn’t take much searching to find this out. For the short version of what its like, go watch Shirobako.

Its great to see things like this happening! Hopefully more does. Its great to see foreigners playing roles. I would love to see a small, not all, section of anime that has foreigners in them provided they go through the same training. What makes anime so great is the time voice actors put in so that they can portray characters so well. This is the biggest reason why I cannot listen to American English Dubs, they do not really go to the extreme needed to get the right voices for the right roles. It is getting better, but I still prefer watching my anime with a voice actor that knows how to correctly get into character and not sound monotone or having incorrect emotional sound.

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