Cities Skylines, Sim City’s proper replacement

Cities Skylines is now out on Steam! Within hours of going live, the game already has an astounding 60,000 players in game, according to the Steam Community Hub. I have only been able to play lightly from a remote connection to my home computer but what I have seen thus far is quite amazing. The simulation is pretty well done and feels natural (albeit annoying when it comes to laying water lines but that’s what i love about these types of games). I really love the wind and water simulation that keeps it alive. At first it seems quite static but it quickly comes alive and you start to have fun just following people and cars around your town. There are a few bugs that are quite funny to see and do not affect gameplay from the limited time that I could play. One of them was watching a tractor-trailer basically jackknife into a building and then 180 down the road like it was some super truck with ball wheels instead of tires. Quite entertaining.

Additionally, something that Sim City extremely lacked is present. Mods! so much mods! there are already a large selection of mods available on the Steam Workshop for your needs. Now, there is currently a bug that prevents some of them from working but they are already aware of it and claim to fixing it for the next patch. A very good sign over the disaster that Sim City was.

I may post images and more information on this later on when I am actually at home and can see the game in all of its glory! I do know at least one thing. my computer can handle it at 60fps! see where it goes from there! I highly recommend that you get out there and buy this game. I may be convinced to give out a copy or two to anyone who actually reads this stuff that I post here. But you will have to work for it.

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