Crunchyroll and Summer 2014 Anime

2014-07-15_23-32-10Crunchyroll has been around for quite some time now. But for the first time since it came into existence, I will not have to use other means to get my anime fix this season! An outstanding 16/18 of my series I plan to watch for the summer are on Crunchyroll with the remaining series available on Funimation. It may not be free but its very convenient to watch anime without having to fiddle with storage!
If I had to give complaints, my major complaints would have to be two things. First is the All-Access requirement to read manga. If I have an Anime Sub, why do I also need to pay for an All-Access sub that includes stuff that I do no want, such as Dramas? I simply do no like it. Second, the video player on the website is getting very dated. The player has many lag issues and a few weeks ago I had to submit a ticket only for the CR staff to simply say there was nothing they could do at the time and that

“we would like to let you know that issues you are encountering have been known, and we are actively working on multiple solutions to provide you a better streaming experience in the future. We are currently working to enhance our Flash Player, so as to remedy the playback problems described”.

I look forward to them hopefully fixing this issue once and for all so that I do no have to randomly deal with lag or sudden video stoppage. It is especially annoying when you have a 55mb/s download speed and suddenly videos are choppy / randomly stop to ‘buffer’. Otherwise, I highly recommend to those that can stream video to do so. Its a great way to give back to the industry and can even strike you some amazing deals on the Daily Deals!

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