Summer 2014 Anime

It is that time again. I am a little late on this post, but that at least gave time for all the first episodes to air! This season should be a good one with some very good titles. There is pretty much an anime for everyone this summer including Yaoi (dear god… why…)

First up on my list is the much anticipated Sword Art Online II. This series has already proven to be different from many anime out there, but I cannot help but feel indifferent about Asuna. I much prefer Shino, Lis, or Silica. Asuna does have her good points, but shes got nothing on Shino. I am looking forward to this series the most for the summer! However, my most looking-forward series remains Log Horizon II.

Next, Glasslip. This series is extremely reminiscent of Nagi no Asukara. The main characters have that air about them and the art styles are fairly close. Throw in the story that appears to be unfolding and it looks like we will have another feels day! Prepare your feels to be royally screwed with…  unless there will be more “Thank you…” responses.

My personal choice, Rail Wars. Mostly because I like trains. There really is no other reason why I am watching this. its because of the trains. And maybe the tsundere. But mostly the trains.

Majimoji Rurumo also makes the list. This anime has one of my favorite kind of stories in it while still making it a comedy to make it all the more entertaining to watch. Rurumo is cute and my only complaint would be that this lacks romance. Otherwise, its a great laugh and seems that there will be plenty of fan service.

My last three choices caught my eyes simply because of their intense story, excellent art, and just overall awesome. Tokyo ESPZankyou no Terror , and Aldnoah.Zero will definitely be shows to watch. Tokyo ESP being about Espers and attacks against the city with super powers. Zankyou no Terrors being about a group of terrorists in an alternate world. I have a feeling that the latter one may spark some emotional outcry from a few groups, but they can shove it. As for Aldnoah.Zero, it really caught my interest from the first episode just from the setting of the story. I put all three of these together because they are very similar in many aspects. I feel that I could recommend all three at once to someone who likes these kind of anime.

As per usual, you can catch everything I am watching on my MAL account:

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