Anime of Fall 2013

The season is entering the final few weeks and it is time to look at some of the anime that stand out for the season.

First up, Log Horizon. Personally my favorite of the season. I am very happy to say that this will continue into the winter season! It is a good balance of story and comedy. I highly recommend those who have not watched it but enjoyed others such as .HACK or SAO to watch it. You won’t be disappointed. The ending song by Yun* Chi is my favorite song of the season and possibly the entire year putting it right behind the ending song for Sunday without God.

Next up, Coppelion. The ending song and the overall plot really got me into this one. With the entirety of Tokyo a wasteland due to humans doing things they shouldn’t, it makes for a great show of survival and what humans can do. I will give it that it is an anime, but the things that occur could really happen. The ending song by Angela is amazing and is right behind Log Horizon for it. The Opening song is really good too.

As a final recommendation, I must point out the next installment of Little Busters under its name Little Busters:Refrain. The series has taken a much needed turn after being unbearable for a while. Sticking through the season will pay off near the end of the season. It is actually turning pretty dark and having not gone through the VN I did not have any expectations so this is quite surprising and has grabbed my attention for a #3 spot.

Other notable anime for the season: Kyoukai no Kanata. I also would like to point out this anime because it is very good and has great art with a very cute heroine. The story seems a little rugged, but its still noteworthy. I would also like to point out Kill la Kill as another great anime. I have not personally watched it but I have heard very good things and I have plans to watch it over the coming holiday break!

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