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As one may know, Silver Dragons was recently in some fun with HELM Alliance in EvE Online. Things have taken a turn for the amazing and retarded. Bellow are nearly EVERY chat log with HELM in our history. You will get a great kick out of all of them. The entire time, should you notice or not, there isnt a SINGLE time that HELM presents evidence against us, but insists that all of Silver Dragons are “unreliable, untrustworthy, mean-spirited, and liars”. Whenever we presented our evidence, they pass it off as lies or wrong information. Whatever, I am fine with this. Because these mails… oh these mails and dialog.

 Yeah, we should talk.
From: ice semple
Sent: 2013.05.20 20:31
To: Enn DeeKay,  

Actually, nah.

I think I am tired of this. Clearly you dont give a fuck what my or the rest of SD are/were thinking so why the fuck should I care about what you think? I am done playing EvE for the most part so why the fuck should I care peroid at this point? I bet you didnt even read the post. You probably saw it and decided to be pissy about it just like our entire conversation was last time. I was patient enough to sit through that convo with you and try to mend things slightly, but its clear that will never happen. You simply want to have full control over everything and if someone says something you don’t agree with, wrong or right doesnt matter, you get all pissy and do whatever it takes to make yourself the good guy. So I hope you enjoy your life like that, I will move on from this stupid shit and play things that are actually fun and not about who shoots who. EvE was made to be a game to shoot eachother and have fun. That is clearly what HELM and the COA is not about. I want no part of it. My time in 0.0 space hasnt been enough to make me care. I rather be in MH having fun with what I was doing before I was interupted by retards with a bad sense of justice.

I only login at this point to check training. Unless you are going to wardec a 1 man corp, why do I even need to care at this point? I actually dont. I probably won’t say anything past this. The few times I am logged in I will at most be running missions / mining. Thats about it. So there isnt much for me to care about. EvE is boring enough as is and with you fucks needing your so called ‘justice’ with your ROE and trying to nitpick at every little fucking detail, you make a boring game even more boring.

Hope your happy, you win at EvE and your petty games with -SD-

PS: I might as well send you these, since I dont care anymore:
We should talk…
From: Enn DeeKay
Sent: 2013.05.19 21:21
To: ice semple,

…about this:

Especially since you now know the truth to be different than what you have written.

The Above Is where we will start. Everything you will need to know to understand up to this point, if you want, is in the wall of imgur links.
TL;DR: Helm Accuses -SD- of being liars and deceitful on the grounds of ‘breaking agreements’ that were never made and for a few newer people to the alliance that blew up neutrals while I was taking Mid-Term exams and was out for a week. Followed by piles of shit by helm that makes no sense. This is then followed by me leaving Silver Dragonz to make the industry corp that I planned on making a while back for the purpose of putting up an H-Sec POS and having some dialog with Sir Deekay. From here on, is the result of him having the balls to go to my personal website and ask me to revise stuff… Stuff that the only way he could know about is through google search or having been browsing my website… for whatever reason. Anyway, enjoy:

Re: Yeah, we should talk.
From: Enn DeeKay
Sent: 2013.05.20 22:37
To: ice semple,

My, my. semple Temper much. You got me all wrong with this emo-outburst. But feel free to keep your head up your ass.

I approached you in the spirit of continued cooperation and (early) friendship which I felt we had established last time we spoke. Clearly, I was mistaken; you’re just back to being a jerk again. So, yes, we will leave it at that; as plainly you’re just a capricious prick who spreads lies and is unwilling to clear them up.

Don’t bother sending links. I never click ’em.

Re: Re: Yeah, we should talk.
From: Enn DeeKay
Sent: 2013.05.20 23:33
To: ice semple,

As usual your facts are wrong. Liars love their lies! And you all support your lies together. *slow clap*

1. HELM did not get 4TUNA set red. They got themselves reset to neutral. COA did that and you should take it up with them if you want to get at the truth. Nobody forced 4TUNA or -BCA- to smack in local or carry out other actions which were uncalled for as associate members of COA and supposed “antipirates.”

But ofc I guess in the eyes of you collective liars HELM are to blame for everybody’s bad actions wherever and whenver they occur throughout the entire EVE universe. None of you are capable of owning your own actions and taking responsibility for them. Anybody who has the courage to points out the truth of what you guys do and don’t do, you throw stones at in an effort to shut them up and obfuscate what should be simple matters to resolve.

You all distort the facts to support your own collective thinking and then convince yourselves you are right, and to hell with the facts or truth.

That’s why none of you are worthy friends in game. You backstab everybody, even each other, just as you do Tom here and in previous posts. Not one of you is capable of real friendship.

And what you call “fun” is just more caprice, lies and twisting of truth. But this time, as you’ve previously admitted: you failed. You failed cos you came up against those who actually have integrity.

2. I am nothing like Tom, but you’re entitled to your crap opinion.

3. HELM has not threatened -BCA- but -BCA- has threatened HELM as have 4TUNA as have Silver Dragonz. We didn’t threaten anything; but you’ll misconstrue that too, cos it’s what liars do. Perhaps you should all learn to shut up so you don’t trip over your noses or your tongues.

4. You should review the transcripts of our discussion when you can be more objective.

I’m done with attempting to communicate with you or try to get you to keep agreements we made, you’re clearly just died in the woold, capricious and incapable of sticking to any agreement or treaty or anything that you give your word to. That’s what makes you a liar and worthless as a player or person anybody would want to cooperate with except other capricious people, just like you.

I’m not wasting any more time on communication with you. Blocked.

Re: Yeah, we should talk.
From: ice semple
Sent: 2013.05.20 23:11
To: Enn DeeKay,

Its not the only reason why I got pissed with you.

After talking with -BCA- and 4Tuna, I found out more about you and your dickish moves. Your on the same level as that faggot tom, its just your missing the loud mouth. There is no difference between you two other than that.

I talked to you with the idea that we ‘could’ become at least somewhat of friends. But clearly, the entire time talking to you, all you had it out to do was to make sure that you were right. No comprimise, nothing. The entire converations screamed ‘I must be right and if I am not, your lying’ but I still went along with it to try and mend it. Then I find out that HELM has gotten 4TUNA set red, more back intel on HELM members claiming to working with -72-, you telling me that you were reaming -BCA- for not taking a side, word from -BCA- about threats against them, and nuetrals complaining in local and our pub channel that there is no longer intel coming from the pipe like there was a few months ago.

You seem pretty high on your horse right now. Until you learn to get off it, we simply can’t get anywhere. I actually had an easier time talking with EM to get our problems solved with them than I did with you. You simply have to be right. And you wont even click the links that are simple screenshot pulls of mails / logs to prove my point.

Its fine though,

You win. have fun. my head will be happy where its at knowing that I wont have to deal with you anymore if you wont get off the high horse.

Re: Liars love their lies.
From: Enn DeeKay
Sent: 2013.05.21 02:07
To: ice semple,  Tauren Tom,

Hehe. You quoted me (out of context as usual). I win Derpsters.

Liars love their lies.
From: Tauren Tom
Sent: 2013.05.21 01:57
To: Enn DeeKay,  ice semple,

Glad you stated that. Admission is the first step to the long road of recovery. If at any point in time you feel the desire, maybe even have the balls to admit to what you’ve done here, then please do feel free to message someone in charge of the new island coalition. We’ll be waiting for your ass to crawl back from under your rock and beg for mercy ;).

BTW, kinda hard for derpy to back stabe when I just bat phone his CEO and have his shit raped :DGet some help lolololol!

Chat logs with deekay
From: ice semple
Sent: 2013.05.21 20:16
To: Bladeburner,  browniesftw,  Criminal Dragon,  Robinton Jax,  Si Karde,  Tauren Tom,

There is far too much crap clustered and his stupid ass repeats too much stuff, but here are the screens directly from the file.

View post on (my favorite is the last line) (Pretty much claims I am right because I do not lie)

View post on

View post on

The rest of the message, some 14000 characters, is just Deekay saying ‘Oh but I am never wrong, I have proof. But I am not going to show it to you because you are a liar’. This is also followed by ‘Your proof is invalid, you were lied to / you lie’.  If you really want to see the rest of the exact same stuff, I can upload the entire file for your viewing pleasures.

On a side note, I agree with the random neuts that keep poping into the osd pub channel saying that HELM is Tyranical. Its just great.

Also, for some reason EvE is giving me a ‘Incompatible (Protocol)’ error and hasnt let me log in all day so… If you need anything, use mails.

Good Luck,


Re: You
From: Enn DeeKay
Sent: 2013.05.22 01:10
To: noobiesnack,

Nah in your case it’s died-in-the-wool, cos that’s what’s happening; dying in the wool of your own furry logic, antisocial and irrational emotional instability.

Thanks for the intel and proof that exposes your perfidy, treachery and lies, as well as that of those you call “friend,” semple,

You made a deal with me semple, and now you’ve boken it just as you have every other deal you’ve made with us. That’s why your words are worth nothing, your actions meaningless. You’re capricious, perfidious and treacherous. This is proven time and time again and very well documented.

You and yours are just creators of chaos and not worthy of anybody’s friendship in this game or I’d wager any other, after all by being treacherous in the name of “fun” you guys were forced to leave Providence where you wore out your welcome by your own admission. You did it in Molden Heath before and now you’re doing the same thing again. And you call me retarded? LOLZ.

You want to have your style of “fun” (messing with others) without consequence and then when consequence occurs you cowards try to blame others for your causation while you cry victim and scream to any gullible fool who’ll listen and react without thinking, or looking to see if what you say is true or real, and this is your version of fun. Oh yeah, I got you pegged down you nasty, deceptive, treacherous, untrustworthy lying traitor.

Your version of fun is not ours.

So, you broke the deal we had, when all I was trying to do was keep it and do the next step as we agreed. So now, that’s it. No more talk. No more agreements. Blocked. Events will now run their course; So far you aren’t doing so good. But carry on blustering away with your balderdash.

You and all your alts are now permatargets. Well done, semple! It means: simple btw. And you call me retarded? LOLZ that would make you braindead.

From: noobiesnack
Sent: 2013.05.21 20:34
To: browniesftw,  Enn DeeKay,  Tauren Tom,

Your more retarded than Browniesftw and he has assburgers umong other things.

You’d make a great United States polititan. 1) corrupt as fuck 2) lies out the ass 3) if wrong, make yourself look right (must get that reelection!) 4) when bad things happen, cover it up and dodge all blame to make sure it doesnt stain your name when you go to get reelected.

Also, its Dyed-in-the-wool. You cant even english.

Keep up My Little Tyrant. I love hearing you call us liars without any proof. and claiming you have proof without showing it, makes it all the better. I show you my proof, its either we lie, made it up, or its wrong information. Thats fine. Have fun up on your high horse. I will be standing on the sides laughing my ass off when someone pulls you off and you land flat on your ass

So I hear things
From: Love Semple
Sent: 2013.05.23 01:57
To: browniesftw,  Enn DeeKay,  Tauren Tom,

Yes, continueing what you said to brownie because you think he is me,

we will keep piling more crap. it seems to be working. youve blocked us all o/

And we have tried multiple times to address issues. Youve turned it down and just claim we lie. You say you have everything ‘well documented’ but you wont show us your proof. We show you our proof that your full of shit, you say its lies, deciet, and false information. you make a great fucking politian! Deekay for Prez 2016!

And this mess it completly your own doing because of HELM failed and flawed policies. You spend too much time on litigation that you don’t even DO anything but bitch and cry. Meanwhile, I can login, watch you get pissed, all the while having fun playing other games. At this point, the only reason I am even logging into eve is to make fun of you and HELM’s stupid ass. You guys are so much fail its not even funny.

You are quickly becoming a bigger laughing stock than tom is, that is how bad you are. And Tom is a complete dick. And that assbaka knows it too. everyone knows it. but you. you are on a whole new level of fail. wait… its not that new. Its the same level of fail that caused Bengazi and us to lose Vile Rat IRL.  So please, get real.

So I can keep this up all day~ I got more alts and tom seems to be having fun joining your TS repeatedly. This is honestly the best thing ever.

on a final note

I am not sure. I almost feel bad, but I cant help but feel this level of fail is so great, it out weighs ANYTHING that we could have actually done. At this point, its not a matter of what happened. Its a matter of how retarded someone can get. I want to know what other people think. Should I feel retarded? I cant help I should but no matter how many times I look at all the information, I cannot find a reason to see this guy as the second most retarded person in eve.


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