Tera Online

Tera Online has been around for a year. A few months ago, they decided that the Pay to Play model, such as World of Warcraft and EvE Online, just wasn’t making the cut they hoped it would and switched over to the more popular Free to Play model, which makes money off micro-transactions. Or, as I like to put they make their money off filthy rich people who will spend thousands on a whim. Personally, Tera Online is an example of Free to Play done RIGHT.

Why? Because of one major reason. The game offers NO weapons or armor that gets you any better than any other player out there. A large chunk of the stuff on the market for Tera consists of things such as weapon skins, armor skins, pets, cosmetics, xp potions, and things like that. There is nothing that you can get to give you an edge over other players, at least physically. You can still play physiological warfare by showing off your cool things.

The game is quite fun, so check it out if you haven’t. You’ve got nothing to lose, it is free to play after all. If you don’t like it, no big loss. Feel free to join me on the Tempest Reach server. and yes, I play on a PvE server. PvP is just too hectic for me with all the ganks. If I wanted to play a game for PvP, I would play APB or EvE Online.

The image above are all my characters. I really enjoy the Elin race as you can see. ALL of my characters are named after anime characters. How many do you recognize? Can you guess them all?

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