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  • Secondlife Building – Work In Progress

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    2014-07-16_22-28-16I am currently only in the design phase, but so far its looking good! I have had to scrap a few ideas along the way in order to make it look more fluid. I have also been bouncing the idea of extending the area marked as Cabro’s Terrifying Abomination (no seriously, there is horse porn in there) forward a bit more and then adding shops around the entire area. Biggest problem I am running into is that it would mean I would need to setup rentals and I am not sure how well that would go since it would then mean someone has to manage the prims and such and find actual renters.

    For those curious, this design is going to be in 100% mesh building materials. I will likely be posting videos on my progress when I begin the actual building phase in Blender. It can serve as a great tutorial for 3d designing (at least on a basic level working with mostly square corners). For the immediate future, I will be posting a few more design layouts. I will likely be designing a full layout for the Shop, Park, Living Area, and Club. The Warning Zone is more of a joke and I will leave Cabro’s place up to him to decide what to do with.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please leave a comment or message me! You can also find me on SL @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bona/230/80/2001

  • Yuyushiki

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    If you haven’t seen it already, you need to check out Yuyushiki. Its a comedy about 3 girls in the Data Processing Club. Its sort of like Lucky Star but with lots of great references to some crazy things. The characters are also great.

  • Tera Online

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    Tera Online has been around for a year. A few months ago, they decided that the Pay to Play model, such as World of Warcraft and EvE Online, just wasn’t making the cut they hoped it would and switched over to the more popular Free to Play model, which makes money off micro-transactions. Or, as I like to put they make their money off filthy rich people who will spend thousands on a whim. Personally, Tera Online is an example of Free to Play done RIGHT. More after the jump.