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2014-09-24_10-54-26ArcheAge was a hidden Easter Egg for me. I knew little about the game until barely a month ago. I got sent a key from a friend to play in the Closed Beta. I played all of 1 hour in the Closed Beta and thought nothing special of the game. Then I decided to do a little research on the game and where It came from.

I found out that ArcheAge was developed by a Korean based company (I love many Korean games such as Mabinogi and Tera) so that kind of perked me up a bit to look more. What I found was actually quite amazing.

The game I looked into was nothing like I had seen before that crosses many of my favorite games into one. While there are a few things I find silly, it looked like a very solid game. I saw many of my favorite aspects of games such as EvE online, Mabinogi, WoW, and more present in the game. Probably the biggest feature that caught my eye was the Open World PvP. Besides EvE Online, no other game can boast even slightly good open world PvP for this genre on this level. I watched many videos and even tuned into a few people streaming the RU/KR versions.

Then came the Open Beta. So I tried it again there with a desire to try out things. I got to level 20ish and went out to explore. I found more than I could ever hoped for. So many different things to do and none of them boring. Before the Open Beta had ended, I was sold on this game and without second thought I went and bought a $100 Founder Package. I stopped playing the Beta at this point as to not ruin the mood of having everything wiped.

Then came headstart. I took half a day at work just to be on when headstart opened (as I had heard there would be a land rush). I managed to get home right at 1p when the servers came up. I got in, created my character, and started to level. Once I got 15 Guilda Stars (Currency in game) I quickly bought a house and put it right next to my scarecrow and continued to level. By the end of the first day I was already level 26! I was very excited and hooked on the game.

Then came the next day… where I was in for a rude awakening when I hit the zone known as Halcyona. I entered the zone just in time for War to start at about level 33. There were already people who were level 40+ in the zone killing people. I fought bravely and died a lot. Once the war was over, I finally could level but not after spending 3 hours on basically the same quests. From there, it was the same thing pretty much for the next few days. I spent more time dealing with hostiles than I did actually leveling. As a result, I did not make it to 50 (current max level) as soon as I had hoped and ended up hitting level 50 sometime on the following Tuesday.

Since then, I have been helping out my new found friends with DVS Gaming and just trying to keep myself afloat for gold. Making trade packs, farming, all that good stuff. I have found it plenty fun. The best moment of the game was a 2 hour long engagement of over 400 people on Sunset Isle (a Pirate haven where many traders go). This is exactly the kind of game I have been looking for.

Lets hope they don’t Fk it up like Blizzard did to WoW…