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10403276_967431963282856_8010927265279119586_nSo, I have been slacking recently again. I have been spending a LOT of time playing APB:Reloaded. I am really enjoying the rage hackers and the subsequent them getting banned pretty quickly now. Its very nice to see the game getting cleaned up. There are a lot of hackers that didn’t see it coming and they deserve it. My only fear is that there are actually a few false-positives and given GamersFirst response, I can’t help but think about them. I mean, even if the accuracy is 99.5%, that is really damn good but it still means someone got banned unjustly. As for gameplay, It runs good now. Though for some reason I gust rusty. I absolutely SUCK sometimes and then do amazing suddenly then go back to sucking. I guess my mood and my team decide it?

I have also been back into Mabinogi lately. Doing some fun stuff and making people jelly over my cute character. I got some new clothes (yay) for my character and even spent some money dyeing old ones to better colors. I will be spending the rest of today selling stuff I don’t want. Will have to see where it goes!