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nyanI am slowly coming up with ideas for a game I want to make. I really want to make it sort of like a cross between the idea of EvE where you can control territory, and the combat and style of Tera. I was thinking about making it single player with the ability to co-op or maybe even Multiplayer with turning it into an mmo if the idea takes off. The idea would be that it is set in the typical fantasy style with a little bit of magic and lots of combat. I also like the idea of having NPC characters be hire-able to fight with you. The idea where a player can be whatever they want. They can build a kingdom, they can simply become an economy whore, or they can be bandits and raid others.  It would rely on setting up resources for feeding your nation or group. It would be very open world and the map sizes would be huge, covering many kilometers. If it becomes a mmo, it would even be separated into separate zones that can be accessed through gates. But there are so many fine details to workout that I just simply do not know where to begin. From how to handle combat to making sure that it is a rewarding game.

There is a lot I have still to think about, but I think this is what I want to design first. It may never see the light of day, but it should be interesting! I am looking for suggestions or just general support for the idea. Please contact me or leave a comment if you have any ideas or you would like to help out. Once I decide on what I want to do, I plan on making assets for the next few months. I have no clue how to make sounds or animations for 3d objects. Those 2 things are the main things that will hold me up.