EvE Online Recruitment

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New players, old players, and even people who have never heard of EvE.

Silver Dragonz is seeking corporations and players. We are looking to expand our ranks so that we can have a great EvE experience together. If you need basic starter help to get you introducted to eve, please do inform us. We DO accept trail accounts and new players, but please be active or face getting kicked during member purges.

What we offer:

  • Somer Blink and Anime Addicts.
  • PVP
  • Low & Null Operations
  • Industrial Oportunities
  • Manufacturing , mining
  • Exploration
  • Mission Assistance
  • Friendly environment
  • Training Available

Please talk to a Recruitment officer before applying. Random applications WILL be rejected. Teamspeak 3 is PREFERED, not required, for recruitment. API May be requested under certain circumstances.

Recruitment: OSD Channel

We will be glad to give you free stuff to enjoy your time in EvE. -SD- currently offers a stock of 558 BPOs and can make nearly every sub-capital class of ship. BPs currently not available: T3’s, some T2’s, and Battleships. Most all other common modules are available. Mission fleets, mining ops, pvp roams, and all are available and we may schedule them in the future!

Please join us in game! If you need help getting into game, hit us up on Steam: Noobiesnack, brownie, or TaurenTom or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/noobiesnackcom!