Kono Oozora Ni Tsubasa Wo Hirogete

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Name: この大空に、翼をひろげて(JP) Kono Oozora Ni, Tsubasa Wo Hirogete (Romj) If My Heart Had Wings (Eng)
System: PC
Company: MoeNovel (Eng) Pulltop (JP)
Price: ~$30
English Restoration Patch: Here (18+)
Genres: Drama, Romance, Eroge (if jp version or restoration patch), Comedy, School-Life
Lengh: Long

Description: Aoi Minase returns to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows, having lost his direction in life due to an accident. On the hill known as windmill hill, he meets a wheelchair-ridden girl named Kotori Habane when a Glider flew overhead leaving both of them in awe. After meeting with his childhood friend, Ageha Himegi, Aoi stumbles upon the Soaring club that has a single member: Super repeat student Amane Mochizuki. Together, they resurrect the Soaring Club to fulfill a single dream, to fly over a passage of clouds known as Morning Glory which only appears once every few decades in the hopes to find a purpose. Did we also mention that Aoi is the dorm mother of an All Girls dorm known as Flying Fish Manor?

Overall Review
The story itself is fairly good and very detailed. The game itself is very long, taking about 30-35 hours to complete a single route from start to finish. However, I feel that this is nothing compared to just how good the story is, it is well worth the time investment. Each route splits from the commons about 2/3 the way through the story, so once the first story is complete, if you made good saves, you can complete the other characters in about 3-10 hours depending on the route. The restoration patch, which makes the game from an all ages to 18+, is very well done by the guys at Fuwanovel and I would suggest you get this patch for full effects as it also fixes a few translation problems with the original. As for the character routes, there are 5 of them and and one of them is a dual route, which I will explain in detail in each section.

There are 2 more characters which do not get introduced until about half way through, though they are shown multiple times before that but have minor roles. They are Asa and Yoru Kazato. They are the Grand-Daughters of the Chairman of the school. They go to live in the Dormitory that Aoi is dorm-mother of when they become Freshmen students at the school.

The 5 routes that Aoi can end up with are: Kotori, Ageha, Amane, Asa, Twins (both Asa and Yoru)

Please note: Everything below here may contain spoilers! (Though I will try to avoid as much as possible)


Kotori Habane
Kotori is the wheelchair-ridden girl whom is met on Aoi’s first day back in Kazegaura. She has a flat tire which Aoi fixes. Come to find out, Kotori is a boarder at the dorm Aoi is going to be the dorm mother of… an All Girls dorm that is. Kotori is very anti-social at this point and is about to quit school at the point when Aoi comes in. Over time, Aoi and Kotori grow close and she gives up on the idea of quitting school and quickly becomes more and more friendly. She becomes good friends with Ageha. She is, however, very timid and very tsundere. She also has a sister, Hibari Habane, who has a very high sister complex after Kotori’s accident that left Kotori in the wheelchair.

Her route is like a roller-coaster of emotions. I would very much recommend you start with her route to get into the game. There are many ups and downs through her entire route that at one point during the climax I actually wanted to start cheering for them. The climax of her story may bring one to tears as well since it literally brings the entire cast together so that Kotori can fulfill her dream of being able to fly and regain her purpose in life. If you are going with the restoration patch, the sex scenes are very cute for her and she keeps up her tsundere front through the whole thing. She loves to brag about every accomplishment. She very much reminds me about things that make up who I am and thus left me speechless when her story ended.


Ageha Himegi
Ageha is the childhood friend of Aoi. They have not seen each other in 5 years but other than growing up looks wise, they are both the same. Together, Ageha and Aoi make a great pair in getting things done. Along with Kotori, these three would be the best of friends throughout the entire story, regardless of which route is chosen. She is originally part of the Robotics Club but leaves to join the Soaring club because it is more fun being around Aoi, Kotori, and Amane. She is very skilled in her work and has above average intelligence. She is mostly the main mechanic of creating the gliders while Amane is the brains of the design.

Ageha’s route is just a sweet and cute story with a dash of drama. What else can be better than two childhood friends becoming a couple? Because of their personalities and the fact they have known each other for so long, they are a little on the wild side when it comes to the things they do as a couple. It is just a sweet story of the two and is what it is. There was not much for me to say other than it was a cute ending for her.


Amane Mochizuki
Amane is simply a genius to the point where she will get so into something that she will forget to eat, going days without food in order to complete something. Aoi stumbles upon her at work designing gliders and is astonished at just how concentrated she can be. She is also known as the Super-Repeat Student having purposely repeated grades in order to stay in school as long as possible in order to fulfill the dream of her best friend Isuka Misagi, who mysteriously vanished a few years ago after having an accident with the glider while Amane was gone. She wants to finish the dream that her and Isuka started. She is also antiquated and went to school with Aoi’s brother-like figure Tatsuya Igarashi.

Amane’s route is filled with lots of flashbacks of Amane remembering Isuka. I did not complete the whole thing due to loss of interest after having played Kotori’s and the Twin’s routes. It was kind of cute, but it was not enough to keep my personal interest after having played those other routes. It does, however, at least give face to the Isuka character that had been talked about in every other route but never shown. Also, she is somewhere around Tatsuya’s age, in her early 20s, while Aoi is somewhere around 16-17 which at least adds a cute aspect to it.


Asa Kazuto
Asa and her twin sister Yoru are the grand-daughters of the chairman of the school. Asa loves her sister Yoru and Yoru loves Asa. They each complete what the other lacks. Asa is very friendly with people and is easily put to tears. She is very much a cry baby and also very klutzy. For her first chore at the dorms she is asked to wash the vegetables and attempts to do so… with detergent. She is the reason why the Kazuto sisters came to live in Flying Fish Manor, mostly because she wants to get away from her family as she is the only ‘normal’ person in a family of geniuses. She wants to fly so that she can have wings and feel free like a bird.

Asa’s route itself goes really well and is very cute. They do pretty much everything a normal couple would do, going on dates and having good time together. For the restoration patch, the sex scenes are something special. She is not nearly as loud as Kotori which gave me a surprise when I went through Asa’s route. The ending, however, was one of the biggest let downs I have had in a while. It just kind of suddenly throws everything off by doing a 3 year time jump, having Aoi graduated and the Kazuto sisters taking over the Soaring club and flying over the Morning Glory and then ending there. However, doing Asa’s route is required to get the Twins route so If this let down does not sound appealing, you can hold down the ctl key and skip through her entire route. Her route after the last dialog is only about 2 hours compared to Kotori’s route which takes almost 10 hours after the last dialog.


Twins’ Route; Asa and Yoru Kazuto
Yoru, Asa, and Aoi are in a 3 way relationship for this one. However, it is focused around Yoru for a lot of the scenes. Yoru simply cannot leave her sister as Asa has one thing she doesn’t; the ability to express herself. She may be a genius but she still has dreams. Yoru is influenced by the words of her grand-father and is hoping to find the meaning she is looking for. She is very anti-social around the beginning and is very mono-tone with everyone around her. She quickly opens up around Aoi. She loves to tease Aoi and Asa throughout pretty much every route.

The twins route left me in awe. I pretty much fell in love myself with these two. The twins route, in my opinion, is what makes Kono Oozora worth every last second to play. There is some turbulence during the first part of their route as Aoi turns both of them down because he cannot choose. When the twins find out that Aoi turns him down because he loves both of them, Yoru comes up with a very cute plan, to date both of them at the same time. The best parts are watching the 3 of them actually work in harmony. For the restoration people, Yoru is the first to have sex with Aoi in which Asa finds out as soon as they finish and has her first as well, though they only show Yoru’s. They even go as far as to do it as a group in the last sex scene, which I almost lost it for the level of cuteness displayed. They really are the most perverted 3 some, which in my book adds to it even more. However, this is not the best part. The best part comes in from Yoru learning about what her grand-father meant with his words and finding out the meaning she was looking for. It was so moving that I was actually brought to tears and 3 days after, I am still feeling it.

There is a reason why I say, the Twin’s route is the single most important reason why I love this game so much. Not only are they the cutest thing I have seen in a while, but they have great personalities and a great story to go with it. There was nothing that made me regret having went through their story and would give them 100/100 for their story.


Last Remarks
Again as I said before, this game was well worth it. When I get the money for it in November, I will be buying it. Overall, I would give this game a 95/100 (or 9/10) with points lost due to the poor Asa route ending, the feeling of of lost interest in Amane’s route, and not doing a sex scene for asa’s first time in the Twins’ route.

I would highly recommend the game to anyone, even if you do not do the restoration patch. If you can read Japanese, I suggest you get the original game as always. This game is pretty much for anyone, regardless of gender or preferences. It is full of romance, drama, comedy, and action in the form of gliders. It is a very well told story and will likely leave you feeling something good.

Get started now! Its going to be a while!