Dual Universe

If you have not checked it out already, be sure to check out Dual Universe, an upcoming Kick Starter that is essentially EvE Online meets Space Engineers. It is an extremely ambitious project if the staff at Novaquark can pull it off. Be sure to check out their Kick Starter page.

Voice Actors in Japan

Just a friendly reminder, a lot of work goes into anime. Its a very rough industry to work into and it doesn’t take much searching to find this out. For the short version of what its like, go watch Shirobako.

I Can’t Even This Series… Bakuon!!

I just cannot. I tried, but I am not sure I can make it past episode 1 without getting out of my chair in a wtf moment.


vlc_2016-04-06_22-37-51 vlc_2016-04-06_22-34-35

The name of the anime is Bakuon!! and it is DAF. The perfect anime to watch with friends and pretty much nothing else. And here I expected some neat motorcycle anime. I got Saitokai Yakuindomo instead!