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  • Ark: Survival Evolved – Private Server

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    Hello people that do not read my blog. I have an Ark Private server that my group uses. If you would like access, we have room for more people. It is a PvE server with no friendly fire. We do not PvP and try to focus on our own thing. It is kind of boring without people right now. If you have Ark or are put off trying the game because of the public server bad rep, just send me a message and I will get you hooked up!

  • EvE Online – Recruiting New Players

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    I would like to take this time to remind everyone that my corporation in EvE Online is recruiting new players and new members! Don’t know what EvE is? Well you are missing out, get a free trial at trial.eveonline.com! While it is a boring game alone, it is enjoyable with friends! So please take the time to come join us. You are not required to spend all your time online and just a few hours a week you can get more than just EvE… You will get a group of friends who will enjoy playing other games with you such as ARk Survival Evolved, 7 Days To Die, Space Engineers, and more!

    Please visit us at Hellspirates.org for more information or to apply. To apply specifically to my corp, make sure you say that the application is to join Order of the Silver Dragons (OSD) or get in contact with Fire Semple in game.

    Fly deadly out there!

  • Merry Christmas

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    I am still bad at this blogging thing :/ someday I will use it properly!


    Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

    [caption id="attachment_3127" align="alignleft" width="600"]http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38175081 http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=38175081[/caption]


  • Twitch Streaming

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    Anime-Girl-With-GunIf you don’t already know, I do have a twitch stream! I am trying to make it a regular thing where I stream every game I that I play or related workings for fun. You can catch me on http://www.twitch.tv/noobiesnack. I usually play games like Mabinogi and APB, but I do play a lot of other games as well. I typically stream between 5p – 11p Every day. I sometimes even have anime music from my library playing! Dont forget to favorite!

  • Second Life Building – All of the Dance

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    2014-07-17_22-32-59So, there has not been much progress today. I would like to hand draw the rest of the designs but I am too lazy to go to the store right now to get some proper paper. It will probably be Saturday when I go shopping that I will get the paper that I need to do this on.

    The design for the Club is fairly simple. I plan on using some of the stuff we currently have, such as the floor, dance animations, dance poles, speakers, and some of the stage clutter. I will also be bringing in some new furniture, I have not decided if I will be making my own or using bought furniture. I think creating furniture would be a great experience though and I will probably stream me creating it when I do. The Area marked as Glow Sticks is a joke at Tom’s expense for being a derp and leaving a bunch of floating glow sticks in the building for over a month now without moving them. We may sell, or give out free, glow sticks with some effects.

    I do not think I will be doing a floor layout for the stores or for the park area. However, do be on the lookout as once I get the paper that I need I plan on creating some neat effects. Cabro likes the idea of having a Deadspace-like air-lock for his entrance. So expect to see some concept designs soon!

  • Second Life Building – We are Doomed

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    2014-07-17_00-17-23So, I did end up going with the multiple shops idea. After talking to Tauren Tom, we decided it would be interesting to try and rent out a few shops. I am not sure on the exact details but the shops will be approximately 8mx12.5m with the corner shop being bigger (or possibly 16m x 12.5). This would give approximately 100 square meters for people to put up their own shops. I don’t have any definite values, but the prices should be in the range of about 75-125L/week and 15-20 prims allocation and the ability to purchase more prims. But again, we will have to wait until I am done with everything and all the things are moved around so I can get exact numbers on how many prims are still open.

    Additionally, I have the Living area now completed! They are attached below. There are currently 6 rooms available for rent (3 on first floor and 3 on second floor with the option to rent both floors). Rent prices, like shops, will not be determined until we get a final prim count on what is available and what is used. While it is not likely, it may be possible to snag a room for free depending on where we go. It is also possible that the rooms will never be up for rent and are reserved for members of our group. But again, this is something that will be decided later and thus I cannot give a definite answer.

    Also, this project will likely take some time. I am currently only in a design phase and there is going to be a lot of work done to make sure we all like this design and that this will become our permanent design. I expect the designing to take at least until the end of the weekend. The actual building is going to be the long part as part of the design will be incorporating a lot of Mesh building materials in order to help optimize visitor (and our own) experience (I mean, help relive some lag).

    After spending many months of redesigning straight in SL, I found it to be easier to actually make a plan first. This should prove a great learning experience as it will be great for when I begin the designing for the games I wish to make in the future. It may be worth following my posts in  the future if you want to get into game design but not sure where to start. Building up a pool of assets is the most important thing for building a game after all!

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  • Crunchyroll and Summer 2014 Anime

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    2014-07-15_23-32-10Crunchyroll has been around for quite some time now. But for the first time since it came into existence, I will not have to use other means to get my anime fix this season! An outstanding 16/18 of my series I plan to watch for the summer are on Crunchyroll with the remaining series available on Funimation. It may not be free but its very convenient to watch anime without having to fiddle with storage!
    If I had to give complaints, my major complaints would have to be two things. First is the All-Access requirement to read manga. If I have an Anime Sub, why do I also need to pay for an All-Access sub that includes stuff that I do no want, such as Dramas? I simply do no like it. Second, the video player on the website is getting very dated. The player has many lag issues and a few weeks ago I had to submit a ticket only for the CR staff to simply say there was nothing they could do at the time and that

    “we would like to let you know that issues you are encountering have been known, and we are actively working on multiple solutions to provide you a better streaming experience in the future. We are currently working to enhance our Flash Player, so as to remedy the playback problems described”.

    I look forward to them hopefully fixing this issue once and for all so that I do no have to randomly deal with lag or sudden video stoppage. It is especially annoying when you have a 55mb/s download speed and suddenly videos are choppy / randomly stop to ‘buffer’. Otherwise, I highly recommend to those that can stream video to do so. Its a great way to give back to the industry and can even strike you some amazing deals on the Daily Deals!