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  • Cleaned Up my PC area today

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    14632830_10208067715235567_8843875406590848514_nDid some cleaning today. Moved a few things around and wiped everything down. It really needed it, my desk was covered in all sorts of things and lots of dust… I also emptied out a LOT of unused electronics boxes that have piled up over the years to make room for more Anime Figures that I know I will end up with from Youmacon next month.

  • Dual Universe

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    If you have not checked it out already, be sure to check out Dual Universe, an upcoming Kick Starter that is essentially EvE Online meets Space Engineers. It is an extremely ambitious project if the staff at Novaquark can pull it off. Be sure to check out their Kick Starter page.

    I have pledged $65 to this. If you have the money, I highly suggest looking into this more and consider pledging. If you are reading this too late, be sure to follow this as it could be ground breaking if they succeed. They already have had some nice things to show off, so they seem to be pretty far in the development and just need the last mile.

    Let me know what you think below!

  • New Site is Ready! Silver Dragonz is now Open!

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    I have finished up most of the work on the new clan website for Silver Dragonz! Please check it out and consider joining us. We play many different games and plan to expand to more should we get enough interest. We currently have servers for the following games:

    • Teamspeak 3
    • ARK
    • 7 Days 2 Die
    • Space Engineers
    • Empyrion: Galactic Survival

    In Addition, we play the following games

    • EvE Online (Separate Recruitment Process)
    • Stellaris
    • World of Warcraft
    • APB Reloaded
    • And Much more!

    Check us out! http://silverdragonz.com

  • Working on a new game!

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    I am in the process of working on a concept for a new game. I will try and share bits and pieces as I iron out the details of what I want to do. So far, this is looking like it might be a very big project that I probably will not be able to do alone and instead I am having more fun working on the concept. If enough people like the idea, maybe it can get picked up by someone to work on it, who knows! Continue reading  Post ID 3414

  • Voice Actors in Japan

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    Just a friendly reminder, a lot of work goes into anime. Its a very rough industry to work into and it doesn’t take much searching to find this out. For the short version of what its like, go watch Shirobako.

    Its great to see things like this happening! Hopefully more does. Its great to see foreigners playing roles. I would love to see a small, not all, section of anime that has foreigners in them provided they go through the same training. What makes anime so great is the time voice actors put in so that they can portray characters so well. This is the biggest reason why I cannot listen to American English Dubs, they do not really go to the extreme needed to get the right voices for the right roles. It is getting better, but I still prefer watching my anime with a voice actor that knows how to correctly get into character and not sound monotone or having incorrect emotional sound.

  • On the Topic of Asians

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    I recently got into a discussion about Asians and how they are viewed in non Asian countries. Many times they are seen as ‘exotic’ creatures in which there is somehow a greater standing if you are friends with or even greater status if you marry one. The person in which started the topic is of the Asian race and has been the subject of many of these remarks just for simply being themselves.

    Asians are not in any way shape or form a superior race and do not deserve to be treated like a Lady Gaga or some rare animal.. In fact they are one of the most common race in the world. Never forget that race is a subjective term that may not even be accurate in a world where everyone is mixed.

    It is one thing to enjoy the Asian culture and have an attractiveness to a certain way of life but it is completely different if you worship it or you treat it like an exotic treat waiting to be grabbed. It is uncomfortable for anyone of any race to be put on the spot for something that is completely out of their control and should never happen. Never go to an Asian person and say things that would imply they are Asian. Things such as: “Are you a Ninja?” “You must be smart” or any other kind of statement or question that originates from a stereotype about Asians. It will not make you look good to them and is no different than if you were in a foreign country and someone assumed the same thing of you. Its no different than, say, going to Japan and people asking you if you play American Football simply because you are a large male. Just don’t do it.

    This is not to say its not alright to be attracted to Asians. But make sure you understand that it is not that you are attracted to Asians and what you are likely attracted to is their culture and their way of life. There is a difference between the Culture and race. Never simply approach someone just because they are Asian and never treat them any different… unless they ask for it explicitly which can happen.

    I myself am attracted to a specific kind of Asian culture and anyone regardless of what race they are that are in this culture I will find attractive. I do have other things that I judge by when I decide friends or even possibly romantic relationships. I am an observer of people that will gauge reaction and adjust to the results and logic. It is quite easy to know if I am attracted to something: I will be active in engaging with them. I am a very docile person that has a severe lack of motivation. So if I am doing something, I either want to do it or I am angry and doing something out of spite (I am docile up to the point where you piss me off and then all bets off)

    Hope you enjoyed my short rant.


  • Ark: Survival Evolved – Private Server

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    Hello people that do not read my blog. I have an Ark Private server that my group uses. If you would like access, we have room for more people. It is a PvE server with no friendly fire. We do not PvP and try to focus on our own thing. It is kind of boring without people right now. If you have Ark or are put off trying the game because of the public server bad rep, just send me a message and I will get you hooked up!