• Cities Skylines, Sim City’s proper replacement

    Cities Skylines is now out on Steam! Within hours of going live, the game already has an astounding 60,000 players in game, according to the Steam Community Hub. I have only been able to play lightly from a remote connection to my home computer but what I have seen thus far is quite amazing. The simulation is pretty well done and feels natural (albeit annoying when it comes to laying water lines but that’s what i love about these types of games). I really love the wind and water simulation that keeps it alive. At first it seems quite static but it quickly comes alive and you start to have fun just following people and cars around your town. There are a few bugs that are quite funny to see and do not affect gameplay from the limited time that I could play. One of them was watching a tractor-trailer basically jackknife into a building and then 180 down the road like it was some super truck with ball wheels instead of tires. Quite entertaining.

  • ArcheAge

    2014-09-24_10-54-26ArcheAge was a hidden Easter Egg for me. I knew little about the game until barely a month ago. I got sent a key from a friend to play in the Closed Beta. I played all of 1 hour in the Closed Beta and thought nothing special of the game. Then I decided to do a little research on the game and where It came from.

    I found out that ArcheAge was developed by a Korean based company (I love many Korean games such as Mabinogi and Tera) so that kind of perked me up a bit to look more. What I found was actually quite amazing.

  • Twitch Streaming

    Anime-Girl-With-GunIf you don’t already know, I do have a twitch stream! I am trying to make it a regular thing where I stream every game I that I play or related workings for fun. You can catch me onĀ http://www.twitch.tv/noobiesnack. I usually play games like Mabinogi and APB, but I do play a lot of other games as well. I typically stream between 5p – 11p Every day. I sometimes even have anime music from my library playing! Dont forget to favorite!

  • Slacker

    So, I have been slacking recently again. I have been spending a LOT of time playing APB:Reloaded. I am really enjoying the rage hackers and the subsequent them getting banned pretty quickly now. Its very nice to see the game getting cleaned up. There are a lot of hackers that didn’t see it coming and

  • Looking for Ideas

    I am slowly coming up with ideas for a game I want to make. I really want to make it sort of like a cross between the idea of EvE where you can control territory, and the combat and style of Tera. I was thinking about making it single player with the ability to co-op